It's Not About Immigration!

I'm tired of hearing republicans address the democrats on the basis of what the democrats are saying about the Arizona immigration debate. The democrats put forth positions on this debate on the grounds of fairness or human rights or whatever. It's all hogwash - and the republicans should be saying so.  
The democrats aren't worried about fairness. They could care less about human rights. The democrats care about one this in this debate: positioning themselves in such a way as to secure the illegal immigrant vote. The democrats are simply making a stink about an innocuous law to make the point plainly to the illegal immigrants that "democrats are on your side" and republicans are racist. 
I think the best strategy for dealing with this is to plainly state this truth. This debate is not about the law in Arizona, it's not about solving the immigration issue, its not about what is best for America. Its about the democrat's lust for power. Republicans should be saying so. 
While it is never stated publicly, here is the goal of the left when it comes to immigration:
1) Take advantage of the fact that America is a country that many people want to come to in their search for freedom and a better life.
2) Offer the wealth of Americans to the illegal immigrant in the form of welfare, food stamps, health care, etc. to get those unprincipled individuals from all over the world who want something for nothing to come here.
3) Make it very difficult for high quality people from around the world to come here. Make it easy for the unprincipled and uneducated illegal immigrants to come here.
3) Make it easy for the illegal immigrant to vote.
4) Position yourself as the party of the "little guy" and "little illegal immigrant guy" in order to secure their vote.
The left is using this debate as an opportunity to rally their base and solidly position themselves as for the illegal immigrant. Combine that "political energy" with the policies of making it easy for illegal immigrants to vote and that is a combination that is hard to beat at the polls. 
The right needs to stop debating the merits of this law. Its obviously a good law given the fact that federal laws stating the same exact thing are not enforced. We need to be making it plain to the American people at every opportunity what the left is up to. 
The timing of this is not an accident. The Arizona law is merely is a convenient mechanism for accomplishing their purposes prior to the November 2010 elections - so don't be fooled, their concern is not about immigration, its about winning. And like EVERYTHING ELSE the left does, if not stopped, it will result in the destruction of America - the last great hope for mankind in the world.

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